About JDS

Scott Jordan, a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado and founder and Principal of Jordan Design Studio, has been a prominent fixture in the Denver design scene for the past 30 years. Since establishing his own firm in 2000, he has built his reputation on Full-Service, high-end residential interior design and has garnered great recognition for his timeless, high-quality designs and unmatched attention to detail.  His projects have not only earned him awards, accolades, and spots in esteemed publications, but more importantly he has gained countless close relationships in the community with clients, vendors, and tradespeople alike.


Scott has been fortunate to retain many clients as they’ve continued to work on numerous projects over the span of many years. Much of his work comes from past clients which is a true testament to Scott’s personal, non-intimidating approach (you may credit this to his humble Midwest upbringing), the excellent, button-tight process he has honed over the years, strong project management skills and exemplary client service and communication, and the level of detail to which he holds himself and team accountable. As Scott always says, “The whole project can go smoothly, but if you miss that final 10% stretch, it was all for naught.”  At Jordan Design Studio, there is a strong commitment to getting the client to the finish line, over the line…a mile past the line, in fact.


It is this commitment to that last 10% that has led Jordan Design Studio to becoming the only interior design firm in the city to go well beyond the structure, finishes and furniture to specialize and focus in curating and procuring comprehensive art, accessory and antique packages custom tailored to the individual’s personality, lifestyle, interests, taste, and budget. Passion and expertise collide as Scott has spent countless hours researching, orchestrating, documenting, transporting, and styling entire well-rounded art and accessories programs in homes across the country. Not only is the firm physically located near Antique Row and the Santa Fe Art District, but Scott also for a time had a carefully curated, hand-picked industrial antique store serving the design community in Denver.  Scott has spent years cultivating fantastic, strong relationships with extensive art galleries, showrooms, and antique vendors from LA to New York who he conspires and rendezvous with to create unique, one-of-a-kind, individualized collections.


Although located in Denver, Colorado, Jordan Design Studio has had the great fortune of establishing a reputation in many pockets across the country including Manhattan Beach, California; Reno, Nevada; Dallas, Texas; Naples, Florida; and Chicago, Illinois, to name but a few.  Scott also spends a great deal of time in the Rocky Mountains as well. From Aspen to Vail, and of course Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where he has had a constant stream of projects for the past 15 years. 


Join along with Scott’s countrywide design adventures by taking a peek at his #currentview in Scott’s Sketchbook!